Fluowall partitioning system

Fluowall contemporary style partition walls are ideal for offices and shops. They are suitable for decorating any open space environment with elegance and style.

Fluowall is a modular partitioning system composed of aluminium uprights and coloured panels. It is designed to divide open space environments
Fluowall allows you to divide the spaces in a functional way and to create, in a few moments and at a reasonable cost, more welcoming and comfortable environments.
Modular dividers are lightweight and quick to install: they can be assembled using a simple screwdriver.
Mobile walls are a less demanding solution than drywall or masonry walls: they take up less space than conventional walls and are much more versatile. They can be completely reconfigured if necessary: by removing or adding panels you can modify both the shape and the size of the walls in a few instants. Unlike masonry walls, methacrylate panels allow light to filter through, preserving the brightness of the rooms.
The portable walls are an ideal solution for the office: they allow, for example, to separate the desks, to delimit a meeting room, to define a reception room, to set up a warehouse area, to screen the archive area, to hide the office machines for shared use or any other equipment that, for technical and aesthetic reasons, you do not want to leave in sight. Thanks to their lightweight structure and compact design, the wall partitions can be easily relocated if the needs of the work space change and they can be moved away with the rest of the furniture.