Self-supporting displays for shops and stands
Making a creative presentation of your new products using POS displays.

Pos displays are communication elements to be used inside the point of sale or in the stands to advertise a new product/service/brand or an ongoing promotion. 
They are very useful for communicating your brand in a few moments, and today they are one of the advertising tools that companies and marketing managers appreciate most because of their design characteristics and flexibility.
Made of valuable materials, beautiful to see and completely customizable, the free standing displays have become a real showcase for the companies . They are professional, elegant, original and can be easily moved to the points of sale and fairs, allowing companies to promote their brand in a capillary way and with limited investment.
There are many different types of POS displays: from the simplest ones - equipped with graphics only - to the most articulated ones - which allow communication and the presentation of products as well.
The POS displays in the exhibition stands are able to attract visitors' attention in a few moments, motivating them to enter the stand. 
The display unit - accompanied by colourful and eye-catching graphics that can show the brand name, the shop name or some information about the event you want to present - will bring the products to the forefront.
The self standing displays allow to concentrate in very little space the company's offer. They bring to the customer's attention, in a single glance, any type of product. 
When placed close to the major points of transit, they also allow even the most hasty visitors to quickly collect information and take a brochure that will allow a future contact.
Thanks to their light weight, the totems can be easily moved into the shop or stand and thus constitute an agile and practical solution. 
Due to their compactness, they can also be used when very little space is available.
The POS displays are among the most effective advertising products.
Each display unit is usually equipped with graphics, for the realization of which there are now countless options: fabric banners and panels in a very wide range of materials allow you to find the solution that best suits your needs and budget.
The display unit can also be completed with a wide range of accessories: shelves, clothes hangers, hooks, monitor brackets, brochure holders.
Our displays are completely modular: this means that at any time you can implement them, for example by adding a monitor, a shelf or any other useful accessories to adapt them to your exhibition needs. It is possible to modify the position of the accessories from time to time and to replace the old graphics in a few moments with the new ones. New accessories can be added over time, for presenting new products to your customers.  
Depending on the type of product to be displayed, we will advise you on the most suitable configuration and the type of accessories to be used, thus offering you a "tailor-made" display.
Our displays are very easy to install and do not require any special tools. Drilling is not necessary: all accessories can be installed with a simple Allen key (supplied).
Our products are made entirely in Italy and are manufactured using the highest quality materials - aluminium, polycarbonate and methacrylate - coming exclusively from the major Italian producers.  
These features guarantee the quality and solidity of our products and ensure exceptional durability.
We only use durable and strong materials so that our displays can safely bear the weight of your products.
All our displays are lightweight and completely dismountable, so they are easy to transport and space-saving once they need to be stored until the next installation.