FluoShop , modular system for furnishing shops and stands

Flexibility and ease of installation to the service of the point of sale. A colourful and versatile display system, designed to decorate shops and shop windows in an original and creative way.

Innovative as regards both materials and design, FluoShop is a complete display system for fitting out windows, stores and showrooms.
All the components of the FluoShop system are extremely easy to install. The speed of configuration and ease of assembly make FluoShop the ideal system for a continually changing point of sale. 
The FluoShop range includes a lot of types of acrylic shelves , in order to be able to adapt to the various display requirements of a store.
The numerous accessories which are available  - cloth hangers, supports for panels, wall fixing elements, castors, etc. - make FluoShop extremely versatile and suitable for displaying any type of product with the highest levels of originality and in the most prominent way possible.
The self-standing vertical poles are available in the following heights: 1800 mm, 2000 mm and 2100 mm.
The wall poles are available in the following heights: 2000 mm, 2100 mm and 2500 mm.
The floor-ceiling telescopic poles come in various models are can cover all heights, up to a maximum of 3400 mm. 
Thanks to its features, FluoShop is suitable for creating displays, stores within stores, window displays and complete furnishing. 
Fluoshop furniture can be used to display, with the utmost originality and with the greatest emphasis, any type of merchandise; they are therefore suitable for apparel shops, leather goods shops, shoe stores, bookstores, stationers, telephone shops, travel agencies and real estate agencies, sports shops, optical shops, perfumeries and pharmacies, jewellery shops, toys shops, child care stores, hobby shops, candy and sweets shops.